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Data Analysis

Throughout my time in the workforce, I have used Excel and Google docs on a very simple level and also began mastering it through self-study on Coursera because I realized how data driven every industry is. Data collection and analysis helps you to find "the hole in the boat" faster so you can do more with less. I have used these skills in the home to manage and analyze spending. I have used it to evaluate job offers, maintain inventory, and have created data tools to show me the trends and document the egg production of my flock of chickens. 

Analyzing the data
Baking & Food

Baking is a long time passion of mine and it was my Grandma Mary's dream for me to open a bakery business. After working in production management for a few years, I developed a whole new set of perspectives on recipes and production planning, especially in the home as we navigate an extended period of supply chain issues. 

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