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Who Am I?

I am an inspired woman. Inspired to learn. Inspired to teach. Inspired to create. Inspired to empower! Throughout my career in big corporations I have taken away an extensive set of skills that can be applied universally in home and business. I always served in a development capacity to those around me, no matter what industry I worked in and derived great pleasure in providing opportunities to individuals who were otherwise overlooked and underappreciated.

I was in the dumps one day about where "life had taken me" after being fired for the first time and I just decided to take charge. I formed and structured my own LLC in February 2017 to begin putting forth the same effort I had given thankless corporations, into small businesses. 

I won't drone on about everything that piques my interest or things that I am capable of here. Just check out my stories in the "Blog" tab and check back frequently or follow my social media channels!

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